Missionary Farewell –September 7

Mang Inasal dinner Mang Inisal Philippino drink

The zone Leaders, young elders who have been given charge of all the missionaries in the zone, or area, brought back the car that we are to drive, and my wonderful companion, John,  decided it was time for him to learn to drive here. We drove to the Metro, a local chain grocery and home supply store, then about town. The check-out lines were long and moved slowly. Many people are intimidated by the large stores, so owners of tindahans fill their shopping carts completely full of things to resell in their small non-intimidating stores. The big stores are intimidating: they play very LOUD music.

We drove around several streets to get to know the town.

In the afternoon, the Dovers took us to the market down at the harbor. It is a large open-sided building with vegetables at one end and fruits at the other. We bought bananas, mangos, fresh pineapple, and a couple of tropical fruits that I can’t name. A bunch of bananas cost 10 pesos, or about 25 cents. Elder Dover went to a small shop to get a new battery for his watch, and John bought a hot barbequed chicken at one of the tindahans. (Officially, we are Eder and Sister Hall, but here I will refer to Elder Hall as John).

Sister Alan, a member of the Toledo First branch, had received her mission call, and the branch had a farewell party for her. They opened with prayer and a song, then played games. Individuals, small groups, the family of Sister Alan, the Young men, Young Women, Primary children and Relief society each performed  pontaneous musical numbers. The ability of the people to sing in perfect pitch is amazing. The love, acceptance, and excitement in having us with them was even more amazing.

The activity ended after about two hours with snacks of bread, sticky rice, noodles, and soft drinks. It was a joyful evening.

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