The Piano Lesson –September 12, 2013 PM

sister Dover and FionaSister Dover & Fiona

Fiona is eight years old and has had about ten piano lessons. She has been playing the hymns in Sacrament meeting for the last two weeks. We had the amazing opportunity of watching Sister Dover give one final lesson before the Dovers go back to the States. Fiona stacked three couch cushions on a straight back chair so that she could reach the portable keyboard on the table. She put her tiny right hand on the keyboard and, remembering to watch for sharps and flats, played the melody line for the new song she is learning, “Come Let Us Rejoice” from the Simplified Hymns book. Sister Dover then asked her to look for the chord notations and play the chords with her left hand. After she did so, she then put both hands on the keys, and played the hymn. She will play this song in Church this coming Sunday.

After Fiona’s lesson, we went to see Fae, a young adult who has also had a few lessons, and will continue to help Fiona. Fae’s family insisted on serving us dinner, even though their electricity and water had been off for two days. When these people offer to feed the missionaries, they will not take no for an answer. We had a delightful candle-light meal even though the house was a bit warm without even a fan to move the air. It is a good thing this is the cool part of the year.

I am adding Fiona and Fae to my list of wonderful young people who are the hope of the world.


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