September 14, 2013

Sis Marlene,Maryan, and elders


This morning we went with the Dovers to a last piano lesson in Lutopan. We also went to the elder’s apartment to determine their needs and took them to get more LP gas for their cooking stove.

Lutopan is in the mountains, and the most jobs there are in the copper mines. It is another beautiful area.

At 6:00 PM we went to the baptism for Sister Marlie and her nine year old daughter. As we were sitting and visiting before the baptism, the elders who came to Toledo with President and Sister Schmutz for the baptism, brought mail from the mission office for the missionaries. They had a large white envelope for Sister Noreen. She gasped and tears filled her eyes. She knew immediately what it was. It was her mission call letter. The excitement was electric as all the missionaries and members gathered. Cameras appeared, and the missionaries urged her to open the letter. She wiped her eyes, then wiped them again before she could see to open the envelope. She tore the envelope open, pulled out the papers, dropped part of them in her excitement and then found the letter that she wanted. She read it out loud: Philippines Naga. Tears came again, tears of joy from Noreen and from those around her.

After the meeting was opened, we moved to the baptismal font room. President Schmutz and Maryan, all dressed in white, walked down into the water of the baptismal font. After stating his authority and pronouncing the words of the ordinance, President Schmutz baptized Maryan by immersion as Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. Then Sister Marlie was likewise baptized.

We met back in the chapel, where President Schmutz, Marlie and Maryan joined us after they had changed their clothes. There was a talk and then Maryan, dressed in a beautiful white, sang, “I Know My Savior Loves Me.” She looked and sang like an angel.

Tomorrow Sister Marlene will be confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by Elder Dover. We will probably attend both the Toledo First and the Toledo Second Branches. In the evening both branches will hold a farewell fireside to honor the Dovers.


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