All Saints Day –November 2, 2013

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Can you go to Aloguinson to look for an apartment for sister missionaries?


We’ll call the elders there and have them meet us. They have been looking for apartments.

The first house looked nice on the outside, but the owner was unavailable to let us see the inside. It was on a hillside by a couple of big cell towers. There was an empty lot next to it. Elder Hall walked around the house and inspected it carefully.

There is a water storage tank, but it is not connected to the inside plumbing.

The gate is low and easy to climb over.

The empty lot does not give much security.

I would rather see elders live here than sisters.

We went to the next house. We had to wait a while for the owner to come and unlock it. It had five bedrooms, two baths (Comfort Rooms), a large open room upstairs and a large living/kitchen area downstairs. Four bedroom were upstairs and one down. Both CR’s were upstairs. It had been rented for a meeting house for the church before the chapel was built in Aloguinson, but had been vacant since then. There were piles of sawdust on the floor from termites.

Three or four sets of elders could spread out in the large area comfortably. But there were too many dark corners and things that go bump in the night for sisters to live there comfortably.

We found a nice upstairs apartment around the corner from the elder’s apartment. The only problem was that it did not have a kitchen. Brother Marven said that he would drive back up on his motorcycle and look some more.

It is traditional to go to the cemetery on All Saints Day so the traffic was blocked several times on the way home. Bright mums and other flowers and mementos to take to the cemeteries were for sale at many small roadside tinehans.

Maybe one reason we celebrate Memorial Day in May because there are few flowers blooming in America in November.


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