Short After Storm Update

 It is getting light now this morning. It is calm and most of the clouds are gone. We have electricity, water and internet back.
The storm, at least here, was not as severe as predicted. We had some winds, about like a good stiff spring wind in Wendell. John estimated about 30 mph. The winds and the rain seemed to cycle through. It rained into the evening. There are some branches down and maybe some trees, otherwise we have seen little damage.
A little water leaked in around one window, otherwise no problems for us.
Will send updates later.

3 thoughts on “Short After Storm Update

  1. Betti Fifield

    We are glad you are safe. Hope the missionaries on Leyte (Tacloban) are Ok.
    We continue to pray for you.
    Rod and Betti

  2. Miste Chandler

    So glad you guys are safe. Sounds like there will be lots of work for you guys to do to help the people over there recover. We were just glad to hear that you were safe!


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