Under the Protection of the Lord –November 12, 2013

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It was Monday afternoon, and the zone Leaders were going with us to Cebu City for the monthly Mission Leaders Conference. Elder Hall generously offered to let Elder Rose drive. We were almost to Balamban when Elder Woods looked at his phone.

They have cancelled the mission leaders conference.

Yeah right.

No, seriously. It is going to be on Thursday.


Elder Rose continued to drive and Elder Woods continued to look at his phone.

We’ll have Zone Training on Monday instead of District Meetings.

You are kidding, right?

No, seriously. There is another typhoon coming, and the ZL’s can’t get across the water.

We just had the typhoon.

Yes, but this is another one called Zoida. It’s smaller but might bring a lot of rain and possible mudslides.

Elder Rose looked at Elder Woods.

This is for real?


I thought you were kidding.

No, I wasn’t.

Wonder why they waited so long to send out the texts.

Elder Rose looked for a place to turn around. Sometimes such places are hard to find, especially if you need to turn a pickup around.

Elder Rose spoke to us.

Elder and Sister Hall, do you want to go to Cebu on Wednesday?


We need to be there Wednesday night to be ready for the conference the next day. But maybe we could leave earlier? I need to get my teeth cleaned, and get my camera fixed, and look for some new shoes.

So do you want to leave at 6:00 AM?

6:00 AM?

Sure. That would get us in Cebu just about the time that the stores open and you could do lots of shopping.

Elder Woods looked shocked, and Elder Hall started laughing.

That comment wasn’t so funny, but the look on Elder Woods face was really funny. What time do you elders want to leave?

Well, tomorrow is Preparation Day, so we could do our morning study and then do our e-mailing. We could leave about 12:30. Would that be alright?


We are starting to get used to sudden changes in plans here. But we are glad for the precautions taken to keep the missionaries safe. Disrupted schedules are a small price to pay for the safety of the precious young men and women on the errand of the Lord.



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