CSP –November 12, 2013

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We received a text from Elder Rose early Tuesday morning.

Elder and Sister Hall, were you wanting to join Elder Woods and me in a companion CSP (Community Service Project) today at 11? We will be replacing the flooring of a hut, kind of like what we did the other day.

Yes if it is not raining then.

You could come pick us up at 10 o’clock so that we can do this as quickly as we can.

Will be there.

We picked up the elders and went to the house to measure. About 8 feet by 10 feet.

We are going to get material and then we will be back.

We went to one little shop for nails. We went to another for split bamboo. They didn’t have ten foot lengths. We went to another shop. They didn’t have it either. We went to another shop. This one had a fence in front.

This is a high end shop.

We got two bundles of bamboo and some drill bits.

Elder Hall, I am sure glad to see that drill.

It’s necessary to break through the fibers of the hard bamboo before driving the nail. A battery powered drill would reduce the labor required for the project.

The old floor was rotting and there were holes. The elders tore off the matting that was laid over the flooring to cover the holes, and tore off the old flooring.

One elder drilled holes while the young father nailed. Elder Hall cut the flooring to length and the other elder used a bolo to smooth the edges and the joints of the bamboo. The young mother and two small children watched. The family wanted to replace the flooring before the new baby came.

My house is small but it is strong.

The young father was proud to be able to repair the house for his family.

It rained several times while they were replacing the floor…

At 1:30 we received a text.

Elders and Sisters,

The Church has now officially announced that all missionaries are safe and accounted for in the Tacloban Mission. Nothing short of a miracle! Sixty of the missionaries will arrive here later tonight. We are going to feed them, house them, clean them up and give them a lot of love before they fly to Manila in the morning.  Don’t have any details about what will happen to them after that.

 FYI, another typhoon is going to roll through the mission tonight and tomorrow. Expecting most of the impact on Negros. No extra precaution is needed. Should be minor but might be lots of rain.

Love you all.

Sister Schmutz

The elders talked about the damage to other islands by the typhoon. They wondered about friends they had met in the Mission Training Center.

We might be asked to do service projects in Boho.

Will the missionaries from Tacloban be reassigned?

Probably. Maybe we will get some here.

They are going to Manila for a good medical check-up.

The Lord really blessed us here.

Elder Rose straightened his back and wiped his forehead.

Well, Elder Hall, we could start a business doing this. We could call it Rose and Hall Construction.

Maybe we need to start a new super hero series. We could call it Captain Carpenter.

It was after three o’clock. We were all glad that we were able to finish the job “quickly.”

We enjoyed “Aussie burgers” at a café called Caesars. The meat was imported from Australia. The hamburgers featured buns, salad (lettuce), cucumbers, pineapple, tomato, eggs, bacon, onion and beet root. We skipped the bet root.It looked like a “Dagwood” burger, and tasted delightful. There was Heinz catsup on the table. We had mango shakes with real ice cream.

We took the elders to their next appointment. They planned to do missionary work for the next three hours. We went home.

We have an appointment with Brother Marven to go to Pinamungahan and Aloguinsan in the morning to look for missionary apartments. We will be getting two new sets of elders and two sets of sister missionaries in this zone in next week’s transfers. We hope to have apartment-finding success to report when we go to Cebu in the afternoon.

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