Snapshots — November 27, 2013

Sunset from the hills of Lamac Sunrise over hills of Toledo Harbor area of Toledo Toledo power plant and commercial dock

We started the day by climbing up the hill overlooking Toledo to watch the sunrise. We ended the day with a sunset in the hills of Lamac. In between, we took supplies to missionaries, made a trip to Aloguinsan, contacted other missionaries, took missionaries to Pinamunggajan and then to Lamac.

As we traveled, I thought of some of the beautiful people of Cebu. Here are some word snapshots.

The small girl peeked around the corner of the house while she held onto her sister’s leg. Her thick dark hair framing her tiny pixy face and big eyes gave her a “Dora” look. As we continued to talk to her mother, who was holding her baby brother, she stepped a little farther from the house. I smiled and gestured to her to come over. She stayed where she was.

It began raining. The mother called to the older girl to come and get the chairs, and she invited us to come into their house. As we entered the house, the small girl took my hand and led me to a chair, then sat on the floor. The mother looked at the girl and then at us.

We’ve had her tested. There is no response in either of her ears. She can’t hear a thing.

How old is she?

She is three.

Are you teaching her sign language?

No. We can enroll her in a school to learn sign language when she is six years old.


The man sitting across from us looked tired.

I could hardly get to sleep last night.

What happened?

The church was so noisy.

Which one?

Oh, the one over there.

What were they doing?

They were broadcasting very loud.

What did they say?

Oh, mostly they were trying to make the people afraid. They say that if people do not join their church they will not be saved.

How sad! “For God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7)


There was a gecko clinging to the wood panel.

Is that a gecko?


But it has stripes on its tail.

It is a baby gecko.

Elder Hall waved his hand to scare the gecko away. The young lady cried out.

Oh, don’t do that! I want it.

You want the gecko?


What will you do with it?
I want to take it home. We don’t have geckos in our house.

What will he eat?

I will put a big screen over the top of a jar so mosquitos can get in and he will eat them. And he will eat rice.

We have an empty peanut butter jar with a lid. Will that do?


Do you think you will be quick enough to catch it?


She quickly and adeptly put the jar over the small lizard, shook it down to the bottom and put the lid on. She took it into the house and cut small holes in the side of the jar. Then she went outside to get a small stick, broke it to length, and put it in the jar for the gecko to climb on. She crooned to the small animal and asked his name.

What did he say to you?

He opened his mouth like he wanted to say “Ahhh.”

So what is his name?

His name is “Mr. Ah.”







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