Simplify –December 8, 2013

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A friend who used to live in Idaho made the following comment:

For some reason the first thing I think about when it freezes is the little light my dad had on the pipes for our shower. The pipes ran bare up the cement wall and could easily freeze.

For those of you who are experiencing significantly below-freezing weather, here are a few comments about plumbing in the Philippines.

Water pipes are laid on the top of the ground here. It makes it easier to “watch” the pipes and see if there is a leak or break. Sink faucets are simplified, too. Faucets don’t need controls for hot and cold. A simple on/off lever will do the job. Water heaters are an unneeded complication. If you shower in the afternoon, the water is naturally heated by the sun shining on the pipes that lay on top of the ground. A light to heat the pipes and keep them from freezing? The water in the pipes will never freeze. Why waste the electricity?

Henry David Thoreau, in his search for the meaning of life, sought to simplify, simplify, simplify. The Lord is a master of simplicity. In less than 20 words, He explains the whole purpose of the creation of the earth and our lives here.

“For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” (Moses 1:39.)

Robert L. Simpson explains this scripture:

We do what is right for various reasons, but…this scripture summarizes in one sentence the sum and substance, the purpose of all creation. When I was young, I always assumed it would be impossible for God to participate further in the great process of eternal progression. After all, he was perfect. All knowledge was his. He had indeed overcome all things. But understanding this scripture, I now know that he is capable of further glorification or exaltation. Indeed he is added upon through the success of his children. Your failure or my failure diminishes his possibilities. Our success in righteous endeavors adds further glory to his name. Should not that be the perfect motivation to do right? It is perfect because it is without selfish interest.(Liahona July 1977)

Ten people were baptized in the Toledo Zone this weekend. Their faith and sacrifice have added further glory to that God who dearly loves each of his children.

As a father baptize his wife and four children, some of that glory was reflected in his face. The scene was simply beautiful.













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