The Waters of Mormon –December 13, 2013

Nice place in December A place of rest We're there Baranggay of Lamac Valley of Lamac We lost the trail The falls Cliffs near Lamac On the way


Elder and Sister, would you like to go with us on our Zone Activity? We are going to hike to the falls in Lamac.




Could you bring your truck? We don’t want the sisters to ride habal-habal (two sisters behind the driver of the motorcycle.) The road to Lamac is really rough.

Sure. We could probably fit all of you in the pickup–four sisters in the back seat and eight of you elders in the back.


Okay. Hey, thanks so much!


Later that evening we received a text.


Hey, Elder and Sister, we just wanted to let you know that apparently the hike to the falls is bit strenuous and tough– not a super long one but not easy; it takes some good hiking. So you are very welcome to come up anyways and give it a go, but we just found that out and figured we’d let you know. Just text and let us know if you’d still like to come.


Elder Hall replied.


We will come.


The hike on somewhat less than a trail around and over rocks and through the jungle on a hot muggy afternoon was a bit of exercise, but the end was worth it. Water pours from an opening in the cliff high above the town of Lamac and falls at least 200 feet into a shaded pool surrounded by tropical foliage. It was cool, with a slight breeze, and the pleasant sound of falling water.


Quite a bit lower and to our right is a smaller pool with easier access. As the branch there is meeting in rented building, the elders use the small pool as a baptismal font. They call it the Waters of Mormon.


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