January 1, 2014

2013-11-20 17.25.12


Are you going to stay for the party?


No, we are going home.


But the party isn’t over.


I’m tired. I’m going to bed. Tomorrow and the next day will be long days. We are doing transfers again.


Okay. Happy New Year, Elder.


It seemed like we had only been in bed for a short time when the phone rang. It was a text saying happy new years. I noticed firecrackers going off and checked the time. It was 11:50. I went back to bed.


The phone rang again. Another text. 11:59 PM. The fireworks accelerated. I decided to stay up for a while when the phone rang again.


The local church stopped broadcasting mass at midnight, and the fireworks took over.  Literally thousands of firecrackers popped. Bottle rockets, canons, and large aerial displays were showing up in all directions from our house. The noise was amazing. I walked from window to window to see the displays. After about an hour, the noise tapered off and I went back to bed. Elder Hall was still sleeping soundly and hadn’t heard a thing. The frog on the back porch wasn’t bothered either.

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