A Cold Day in January January 10. 2014

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It is sooo cold!


The young mother rubbed her arms and went to get a wrap for her and her three year old son. The other young mother also left to get a wrap for herself and her daughter.


The cat jumped up onto the cooking platform to sit by the rocks which were warm from the cooking fire. The chickens foraging by the river took cover as a light rain pattered on our sheltering metal roof.


A long-legged white water bird continued to wade happily in the shallows along the river bank. Coconut trees in straight rows grew next to the river and the misty green mountains towered behind.


A cluster of newly hatched chicks came into the open-sided kitchen-family room where we were sitting and scurried across the hard packed dirt floor. The lady of the house scattered some cracked corn on the ground and counted the chicks as they pecked.


…eight, nine, ten. They are all here.


We heard the deep-throated bellow of a carabao (water buffalo) before the man leading the animal came around the bend in the road and walked past the house. Three young boys passed going the opposite direction. One of them was leading a large white sow.


In this homely setting, the young Philippina teacher announced a miracle.


The prophecy of the Prophet Malachi, recorded in Malachi 4:5, was fulfilled on April 3, 1836, when the Prophet Elijah appeared in the Kirtland temple and restored the sealing power of the Priesthood.


When you go to the temple in Cebu, you will be sealed together as husband and wife. Your children will all be sealed to you. You will be sealed to your parents and grandparents throughout all generations. And that sealing will be recorded in heaven throughout all time and all eternity.


The power of the temple has reached the farthest mountains of the Philippines as the Lord hastens the gathering, and hastens the fulfilling of all His prophecies to His children.



As we walked to the pick-up, our Philippino friend rubbed his arms.


It feels like the air con is on.


When we got home, we checked the weather. The high for the day was 84 degrees F. and the predicted low was 78 degrees. It was a wonderful January day.



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