Lapok January 11, 2014

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Look! He is American!


He is a cross between American and native.


He is so big! The others will not dare to fight him.


He won’t fight.


No? Then he is like a girl.


After that comment, the big Rhode Island Red rooster hopped off the rock and disappeared between the buildings.


We continued climbing over rocks and climbing up the trail, amazed at how the mud (lapok) could stick so well to our shoes, but be so slippery to step on. We left our shoes outside the door and stepped inside to teach the two women there.


The women wiped away tears as they told of their difficulties; then wiped away tears again as the elders shared the miracles of the gospel.


Mud is just a minor difficulty.


When we got home, we went down by the waterfront to eat a pizza while sitting   outside at a sidewalk table. There were a umber of people sitting at tables or walking around.


They are passengers for the ferry. See, the ferry has not gone yet. The sea is too rough.


When will the ferry be able to go?


I don’t know. Maybe in the morning.


We drove by the seawall on our way home. The waves were splashing over the wall and onto the pavement


The bucket outside our back door has collected 5 or 6 inches of water in the last two days. We are hearing of another typhoon coming across the ocean. The rain is probably all we will see of the storm.

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