January 21, 2014

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Will I need my mud shoes?


No, I think you will be fine.

We drove down a narrow road, made several turns, then drove down a dirt road until we came to a mud hole which covered the whole road.

 I think we’ll walk now.

We skirted the mud hole and followed the trail through the jungle foliage, past more mud holes, past a bellowing carabao, crowing roosters, bleating goats, and more mud. A bamboo grove clattered in the breeze.We came to the house of one of the counselors in the branch presidency. They were happy to have visitors and made sure that we had the best seats in the house.

Elder Hall gave the man a print-out of the Aaronic Priesthood quorums, and talked about his responsibilities with the young men of the branch. The man studied the papers carefully.

I am so glad to have this.

We will give you a roll card to mark the attendance of each boy every week.

That will be so good.

Elder Hall turned to the next order of business.

Have you ever had Home Teachers?


Well, you can consider this your first Home Teaching visit.

Elder Hall talked with him about his personal devotions and family prayers. He gave a spiritual message.

We are trying to establish the Home Teaching program in this branch. Can you visit other families as a Home Teacher?


We shared handshakes and hugs, slipped our muddy shoes on outside the door, and started back up the path. The man walked with us on his way to pick up his grandchildren from school.


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