Kawasan Falls –January 29, 2014

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Sister Hall, you know it is our Preparation Day tomorrow.


Don’t you think it is time that we had an activity?

Well, it has been a while.


We picked up pur pathfinder and his brother, and drove to through Pinamungajan, through Aloguinsan, and wound through some mountains that we had never seen before, and through small villages with names that we had never heard before. We saw beautiful valleys, and glimpsed some amazing views of the ocean through the foliage.


There will be a better place to see it farther on.


We pulled up in front of a building with a sign that said, “Bed and Breakfast.” We peered around the building at the brilliant turquoise sea with white caps glittering in the sunshine.


We can get a better view here.


We walked through the small restaurant and onto a large deck overlooking the sea. We soaked in the vista. After a while we sat at one of the tables and had ice cold buka juice and some small breads before continuing our drive.


Turn in here.


We turned into a parking lot in front of a Catholic church. A man guided us into a parking space. A sign thanked us for our parking fee of 100 pesos, which would be used for maintenance of the church. We walked through the parking lot and paid another fee of 40 pesos to enter the path to Kawasan Falls.


The path was an entrance to another world. We crossed a bridge over a crystal clear stream, and walked through a steep-sided valley choked with luxurious greenery. Lava rocks overhung the path in one place; an arched rock overpass in another. We walked slowly, drinking in the cool, pleasant beauty, and taking pictures.


There is the first of the falls.


Pale blue water cascaded down the mountainside into a clear blue lagoon. People were swimming while others poled under the falls on a bamboo raft. We climbed up the trail to view several other smaller falls.


Is this the last one?


We can’t go any farther?

No, this is the end.

Where does the water come from?

I think there is a spring that comes out of the mountain.

But we can’t go up any higher to see it?



We sighed. We wanted to keep traveling the beautiful trail.


As we walked down the trail, we heard the echo of church bells. We got back in the pick up and started back the way that we had come.


This is the place that is famous for diving. There are many foreigners here.

Let’s go look.


We parked. There were were a number of boats and snorkeling in the water. Black, chocolate and yellow labs jumped into through the breakers and swam back. We found a small dive shop. The manager was Japanese. He did not speak Cebuano. But he spoke English well.


How much does it cost to rent snorkel equipment?

One hundred pesos for the equipment. One hundred and fifty pesos with a boat.

What about scuba equipment?

Three hundred fifty for one dive. That is for the equipment and the boat.


We looked at the ocean. It was a beautiful day to be in the Philippines



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