Valentines —February 22, 2014



The first Valentine celebration was a Family Home Evening at our home with a few of the members of the branch. Sister Marz made buko juice and heart-shaped coconut-milk gelatin; and chicken curry with rice.We had a lesson and games and songs. And we had fun.


The second Valentines celebration was a “post-Valentines” celebration with the Young Single Adults. The celebration began with a text.

Elder Hall, will you attend our Valentines celebration? And will you give a short talk?

Of course, he agreed.

When arrived at the party, a sister approached us.

Elder Hall, we have changed our program. We will have the program first. Is that alright?


We will start with the talks by you and Sister Hall. Is that alright?


So she announced the program and both of us gave talks. The talks were followed by musical presentation, and games. The games were followed by food. The food was followed by more music. Then the lights dimmed.

The group looked up in surprise as a young man walked slowly across the floor of the large room.He walked to the young lady that he had been dating for some time, and led her out into the middle of the room. He took a bouquet of roses out from behind his back and presented them to her. He knelt down in front of her, then brought a microphone out from behind his back.

With genuine emotion, he asked her to be his wife. She gasped as he took a ring box from his pocket and opened it. Tears flowed from her eyes, and she could only nod her acceptance. As he stood, she buried her face in his shoulder to hide the tears, and held him for a long time.

We talked about temple marriage. The young couple demonstrated the love and commitment of temple marriage. They will go to the Cebu, Philippines temple in August, just after the one year anniversary of her baptism, and there, in the most beautiful setting imaginable, be sealed together as man and wife for time and for all eternity.




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