How Much Do We Know? —- May 20, 2014

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nice mud bath

nice mud bath

The Sister Trainer Leaders called us. The Sister Trainer Leaders work under the Zone Leaders to train and help the other sister missionaries.

Elder and Sister Hall, we have a situation we would like to talk to you about.

Okay, when would you like to meet?

We will be at the church today at five. It is Sister Veronica’s farewell party. She leaves for her mission on Tuesday.

Okay, we will meet you there then.

We arrived at the church at five. Of course, the party had not started yet. A few young women were there practicing their presentations for the party. We talked to the other sister missionaries.

Have you seen the STL’s?

They are not here yet. They went to a referral with the branch president. They will be here in a while.

Elder Hall went to visit with some of the leaders in the office. A young elder was playing the piano.

Sister Hall, do you have the Primary songs on your Kindle?

Yes, but only the words, not the music. Do you need the music?

Yes. We have a song book at our apartment. We will go and get it.

Elder Hall came back and the STL’s arrived. We left the noise in the cultural hall to go to a classroom.

Elder and Sister, the Area Presidency has asked us to have the missionaries come to the Zone Leaders and STL’s areas to work with us instead of us going to their areas. So we will need to have the Toledo 1 and 2 sisters move in together, and we will take the other apartment. Which one do you think we should take?

We have no authority over apartment changes. That is between you and the Zone Leaders and the Assistants to the President. Our only authority is to tell the missionaries to keep their apartments clean!

Will you help us move the luggage?

Yes, we can do that. Just let us know what you decide and when.

On Monday afternoon, we picked up the luggage and the sisters and the Zone Leaders. The Zone Leaders carried all the luggage up three flights of stairs to the Toledo 1 sister’s apartment. The stairway is divided into four segments with four 90 degree turns.

We took inventory of some things that were needed in the apartment and left to get them. Our last trip of the day was just before the sister’s curfew. The lights were out in the stairway, but we felt our way up and made the delivery.

On the way back down, as we made the last turn, I missed a step, fell face forward—and landed on my back!

Are you alright? Are you alright?

There was a note of panic in Elder Hall’s voice.

Yes, I am alright.

Did you hit your head? Are you alright?

No, I didn’t hit my head, and I am alright. Thanks for catching me.

I got up, dusted off my dignity, and walked out to the pickup.

Later that evening, I saw Elder Hall glance at me, the glance at me again.

Why did you thank me for catching you?

I felt you grab my arm.

I didn’t grab your arm. My back was toward you.

I really don’t know what happened that night when I fell down the steep, tiled stairs and only received a few bruises on my back. But I do know I believe in a God of miracles. And I am thankful for all those who pray for our protection here.

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