Hooray! It’s Time for School! —–May 30, 2014



breaking camp

breaking camp

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fire making

fire making

climbing a coconut tree

climbing a coconut tree



When I taught developmentally delayed three and four-year-old children in Preschool, one of the songs we sang together was titled, “Hooray! It’s Time for School!” It was catchy and lively and the students loved to sing it. One day, as the parents came to get their children, I had the following conversation with a father whose son had significant speech delays.

I just want to tell you that your son is doing really well. He is one of our best singers.

The father grimaced.

Yes, I know. Could you please teach him another song? He sings that “it’s time for school” song from the time he wakes up in the morning until he goes to sleep at night!

In the Philippines, the hottest months of the year are April and May, and school is out for summer vacation. The last two months have been filled with youth activities. April began with planning meetings and all day practices as the youth prepared for Youth conference. After Youth conference, there followed trips to find a suitable venue for youth camp, planning meetings, an all- day athletic activity to prepare for the camp, meetings to practice the skills needed for camp, practices for the youth talent presentations, and meeting to prepare those things needed for the camp.

The youth camp for held last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The activities were great, attendance was good, and the youth and leaders had a memorable time. The weather was sunny and warm. I made the mistake of checking the weather on the internet. The “real feel’ for those days was 112 degrees F. Sometimes my nose randomly starts to drip. I wonder if the inside of my nose sweats, too?

We loaded multiple items on the truck to haul back to Toledo.

This looks like “Sanford and Sons” all over again.

Elder Hall, what is “Sanford and Sons”?

It is a TV show. Have you ever heard of it?

No, Elder.

Oh. Either you are too young or I am too old.

When the loading was finished, the young man who is the District Executive Secretary put his hands on Elder Hall’s shoulders and started to massage his shoulders and neck.

Elder Hall, do you know what this massage is called?

No, but I know how it feels. It feels really good!

It is called a “love massage.” That is the best kind of massage.

We got to our house about 8:30 PM. We left at 5 AM to go to Cebu to have a 7 am breakfast with the Senior Couples and go to a temple session together. It was a great end the week.

We left Cebu in a torrential rainstorm. Geysers of water spurted out of the drain covers. Torrents of water ran down the sides of the streets and split around a parked car or motorcycle like rapids around a rock. The windshield wipers could not handle the water, so we blindly worked our way up the hill. Most vehicles had taken shelter so the traffic was light. As we topped the mountain the rain tapered off.

The next day we went back to the camp east of Pinamungajan to get a load of left over bamboo and fire wood, and then take the tents back to the barangay of Gaas. It began raining on this side of the island. One of our helpers commented on the rain.

I think summer is over now. The south winds are coming in and blowing the east winds north the so we will start the rainy season. It will be cooler then.

School starts on June second. If that means summer is over and cooler weather is coming, I say, “Hooray! It’s time for school!”

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  1. Celia

    I thought I knew “HOT” after living in China for the summer with the humidity at what felt like a steam room at the gym…. but then we visited the Philippines during their summer. It gives a whole new understanding of “HOT”! I guess we need to plan another trip to find out what winter feels like!


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