The Ground Breaking — September 6, 2014

the building site

The building site

artist's view of the proposed chapel
Artist’s view of the proposed chapel

the ground breaking

The ground breaking

even the moon came for the ceremony

Even the moon came out for the ceremony

September 6, 2014

The Ground Breaking

We could feel the excitement in the small chapel in Lamac. The Branch President had just announced that construction of a new church building for Lamac would begin Sept 1. A Ground Breaking Ceremony was planned for September 6.

As the date for the ceremony drew closer, Elder Hall made several trips to Lamac to finalize plans for the meeting, and to invite local government officials, members and investigators to attend.

But Elder Hall, there is a typhoon coming. What if the rain is so heavy that we can’t have the ceremony?

Elder Hall looked at the people very seriously.

You pray, and encourage everyone else to pray, that the weather will not stop the meeting.

The morning of the day before the ceremony, the District President texted Elder Hall.

Elder, what do you think of the weather? It is raining very hard here.

We will have the ceremony.

On the afternoon before the ceremony, there was no rain. On the morning of the ceremony, there was no rain, although it had rained hard every day for the four previous days.  At 11 PM, after the ceremony, it began raining in Lamac again, and the electricity was out for the next 12 hours. The rain continued for three more days.

The mission president, the local officials, and a large crowd of people from the area attended the meeting. The construction workers turned off their TV to hear the speakers, and to feel the spirit that was there.

The Lord knows and blesses the people in the remote valley of Lamac.

It was a memorable night.


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