Time — October 19, 2014



On Sunday morning we received a copy of a text from the District Executive Secretary, to all District Auxiliary Leaders:

Good morning. Be reminded to gather and complete the information needed in the Monthly Report form for Branch Auxiliaries. The final deadline of it will be now and if you can’t make it now, just follow it this Saturday

Final deadline?

If you can’t make it now, just follow it this Saturday?

We chuckled and the phrase “Philippino time” came to mind. Then we thought of Dr. Don in Boise, Idaho.

Our appointment had gone overtime, but Dr. Don sat back in his chair and smiled a bit. We knew that we would hear a story narrated in his delightful Irish accent.

My Da used to work at the train station back in Ireland. He needed to be there when the train came in, but we never knew exactly when the train would come. It might be early, it might be late, it might be on time, it might not come until tomorrow.

One time my wife and I were waiting for a train in Germany. She is from Germany, you know, so we went there for a visit. I asked when the train was to arrive. The station agent told me, “3:43.” Now that train was coming clear from Russia. But they announced the arrival time to the minute.

We had seen footage of a train station in Berlin in a movie on TV. So we pictured the sleek shinny train and the station buildings placed in exact precision along the tracks.

Dr. Don went on with his story.

We waited. At 3:41 we heard a distant rumble. Then we saw the train. At exactly 3:43 the train pulled into the station. It had come all the way from Russia and was exactly on time!

Dr. Don chuckled.

That is not how the trains run in Ireland!

One day I was waiting with my Da for the train to come, when a man came by the station. He asked about the train schedule, and then walked around the room. Then he walked over to me.

So I see that you have two clocks here in this room.

Yes, sir.

And I see that each one tells a different time.

Yes, sir.

So why is that, can you tell me?

Dr. Don shook his head.

Well, I sure didn’t know. So I told him that I needed to go find my da.

When my da came into the station, the man asked him the same question. My da looked at the floor, then scratched his head. Finally he looked at the man.

Well, best I know, if both clocks told the same time, then we woudn’t be needing two clocks, now would we?

We can imagine the Great Father of All, with a smile deep in His eyes, saying:

If every person, if every culture, progressed in exactly the same way and at exactly the same time, then how would each of my jewels get polished to its own marvelous and unique glory?


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