We’re Here! –September 4

We had an uneventful flight from Salt Lake to LA, where we left the building to go to another big building which was the International terminal. There we stood in the ticket line again to get boarding passes to Manila and to Cebu. We went through security again, then boarded the plane for the fourteen hour flight to Manila. The plane going to Manila was surprisingly empty; probably only a third of the seats were filled. The time went fairly fast, especially for me; thank you, Celia. I only woke up when John started poking me and saying that I needed to get up and move.


As we flew from Manila to Cebu, we got our first real view to the Philippines: blue seas sparkling under the bright early morning sun; a volcano, vertical thunderheads piled up over some of the islands like variegated whipped cream from an aerosol can; schools of fishing boats off the shore of Cebu; red roofed building lining the shore line.


We traveled with a couple that we met in the MTC. They are from Hawaii and he is excited to go to the Philippines because his grandparents were from there.


We arrived in Cebu and our luggage was waiting for us. We went outside and the mission president and his wife were waiting for us. President and Sister Schmultz took us to their beautiful modern home in the Temple Complex, where we took a shower, changed our clothes, and brushed our teeth.


We walked down to the mission office, stopping often on the way to meet young missionaries and members. Today is their preparation day, and most of them were coming from the temple. Everyone was friendly and greeted us enthusiastically.


We finally went into the mission office to meet the couples who work there. We, five couples, then went to lunch at a restaurant. The food was delicious; the driving interesting.


After lunch we talked to the couple in charge of finances, the one in charge of records, and the couple whose place we will be taking. We will be working in the Toledo area, through the mountains to the other side of the island, where there are two districts.


Sister Schmultz fixed us a nice supper, President talked to us about some of our responsibilities, especially with the young elders ad sisters, and when we started to doze off, sent us to our room.


John is already asleep, and I think I need to do so also.

Cacayons and Halls mission office Cebu


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