Toledo –September 6

front door, our house Our house& mango tree Our kitchentethered hen with chicks

It is Friday. We read an e-mail from Alicia, and talked to her on the phone. The credit card problem should be resolved today. We had breakfast and packed our things, as the senior missionary couple, Elder and Sister Dover, will be coming to take us to Toledo. They are about to go home to the States, and we will take their place. Before we left, they took us to the bank. The magic worked, and we were able to withdraw funds from the ATM. We went to the mall again, and the magic card worked there also.

I wanted to take pictures are we drove through the mountains to Toledo, but I was so entranced with the tindhans, the people, the scenery, the traffic, the tricycles (motor bikes with side cars) and tricikads (bicycles with sidecars), that all I could do was to look. Besides, I am not very good at drive by shooting,

We stopped on the way to deliver a closet rack to a set of sister missionaries, and I took a picture of a hen who was tethered with her four chicks scratching around her.

Some of the Church members were waiting for us at the gate to our house. I call them Sister Marz and Brother Marven. Last names are difficult. Brother Marven had found the house for us. It had been vacant. He found the owners, negotiated a contract, got signatures, arranged for the rent, electricity and water, new paint, cleaned the yard, and still others things, I am sure. Sister Marz has spent days cleaning to prepare the house for us.

The house that the other senior missions have been living in is difficult to live in. It is old, very near the seashore, so the humidity is high, and the kitchen is almost unusable. The decision was made to find other senior missionary housing, and Marven was asked to find a place. Housing is difficult to find, as there are a number of foreign executives looking for housing here. Marven spent a great deal of time looking. He finally found a place, and began making arrangements. When everything was almost settled, the owners decided that they would return to live in the house in February. Marven began looking again. One day when he was going past this house, he said that he heard a “whisper” saying he should look at that house. He found a neighbor, who was not usually home, but happened to be home that day, and asked her about the house. She helped him find the name of the owner. He found the owner, and through another series of coincidences, was able to make arrangements to rent the house. A coincidence is, after all, a miracle where God prefers to remain anonymous.

The house is beautiful, with a tiled front porch, shiny tile floors throughout, two bedrooms, a bathroom with a new shower and an in-line hot-water-on-demand heater for the shower, AC, and a nice kitchen. It is on a small hill, has large windows with great views, and a gated yard. There is a coconut palm, with coconuts, and a mango tree in the yard. The neighbors across the road have large banana trees. The dovers took us to the internet store, and the technician promised to come set us up on Tuesday. Monday is some kind of a holiday here, happy fiesta. We are very comfortable here; in fact, we feel like royalty.

We went to dinner with Elder and Sister Dover, Brother Marven, and Sister Marz. The place, Mang Inasal, serves barbeque chicken and pork, and all-you-can-eat rice. It was delicious.


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