Conference Miracles –October 13, 2013

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Many people have told conference miracle stories. I’d just like to add a few thoughts.

We’re 14,000 miles from Salt Lake City. But this weekend, we gathered in the local church building to watch a broadcast of General Conference just as we did in Wendell, Idaho. That is a miracle of technology.

When the church was first organized in the Philippines, there were no video recordings of General Conference. No conference sessions were broadcast in Cebuano. Conference talks in the church magazines were not printed in Cebuano. There were no church materials printed in Cebuano. Now not only can the Cebuano speaking people see and hear conference in their native language, but 97% of the members of the church world-wide can do the same. That is another miracle of technology.

The branch at Lamac, which is most distant branch in the Toledo zone, has been struggling. But on Sunday morning, a large group of people traveled together in a big truck over steep, rough roads from Lamac to Toledo to watch conference.  They brought their lunch and ate it in the parking lot between sessions. I took their picture as they were leaving because the miracle of the gospel in their hearts radiated from their faces.

A charming fifteen year old girl, who is the newest convert in Lamac, wanted a picture with us as a remembrance of her first general conference. She has experienced a miracle in her heart.

Elder Hall went with the young missionaries to visit a man who had taken offense and had not come to church for years. They invited him to come and hear the prophet speak. Even though he had worked the night before, he came with his wife and daughter. That is another miracle of the heart.

At the end of the morning session, everyone sang

Come listen to a prophet’s voice and hear the word of God

And in the way of truth rejoice and sing for joy aloud.



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  1. Audrey

    Great! Glad to be able to read about your mission! Also, getting posts from a couple who are in the congo. Some similarities in the modes of travel etc.! Though they are public affairs missionaries and so have different assignments.


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