Fish Market —-April 28, 2014

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Brother, do you want some souvenirs?

No…it will be alright.

We have some things here that you can’t get anywhere else. People who visit from Manila often stop here.

We were taking the Area Auditor back to Cebu to finish his audit there before going back to his home in Manila.  We followed our guide’s directions as we wound through downtown Cebu. The last turn took us to a street lined on both sides as far as we could see with small shops…all selling dried fish.

Our guide handed us a small piece of white dried fish and urged us to try it.

Did you like it, Elder Hall?

It.. it wasn’t bad. It’s not as salty as the fish in the market in Toledo.

No, they don’t add salt to these fish. They just have the salt from the sea water. It tastes a bit sweet doesn’t it?

Yes. What is it?


Our passengers gathered up their packages and we climbed back into the pickup. The man from Manila thanked us for taking the time to stop at the market.

Dried fish is a treat for us. We like to keep some in our house because that is our food storage here. Then we always have something to eat.

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