Larong Pindoy –May 1, 2014

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Sister, what does Larong Pindoy mean?

It’s the name for our Youth Activity. We will play native games.

Native games?

Yes. Games that we play here to keep our bodies strong and agile. Will you come?

Yes, we will be there.

The games were to prepare the youth physically for the three-day self-reliance camp to be held later in the month. They started with indoor games at 9 am, had a break for lunch, and then had outdoor games in the afternoon.

There was a type of long jump called Chinese Garter, where the participant would run and kick up their feet to bring down an elastic string held progressively higher by two young women. It was amazing to see how high they could kick, and more amazing to see how gracefully they could land.

A string knotted through a hole in a coconut half shell formed shoes to wear for one race. There was an indoor baseball game, complete with teams, bases, fielders, pitchers and batters. But the pitcher tossed a flip-flop for the “batter” to kick. The fielders tagged the bases, not the runner. Flip-flops are sometimes used here as a handy swat for a recalcitrant child. A flip-flop “ball” does not break nearby windows.

Elder Hall was captured by a camera as he jumped rope. He coached the outnumbered team in tug-of-war as he shouted “Heave! Heave!” so they would synchronize their pulls. One of the Young Men’s leaders talked to him after the game.

Wow, Elder Hall, that really worked! All of the leaders joined the other team, but we could not hold your side back. But I have a question. What does “Heave!” mean?

“Heave” actually means “a strong pull.” But for these young people, I think it meant to be obedient and work together, because that is what they did.

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