Fascinating Fascia — February 20, 2015

The piece of metal that flattened the tire that required the change that caused the hernia.

The piece of metal that flattened the tire that required the tire change that caused the Elder Hall’s problem.

That was a great video of a laparoscopic hernia repair! Shall I write about it on our blog?

Sister Hall, a hernia repair is not something people are craving to know about.

But wasn’t it great that when we asked what happened during the operation, the doctor didn’t just answer our questions, but made us a model of the mesh and showed us a video to explain the whole thing?

Yes, but…

And wasn’t it great to see how perfectly and delicately the doctor moved the fascia around to expose the hernia and the vas deferens?

Sister Hall, that’s not something usually talked about in polite society…

But that is the important part, because the doctor used anatomical mesh with a hole in the middle and a slit so that he could slip the mesh over the coiled duct and fold a flap over the top to hold it in place. And now you don’t have any stitches, staples, or adhesive that might impinge a nerve and cause chronic pain. 

Pain-free is always good…

No “post herniorraphy pain syndrome” for you! And he checked all four places where a hernia might develop so you don’t have to worry about another hernia developing.

Five places…

And the doctor checked your left side to be sure there isn’t a chance of a hernia developing there.

“Developing” is what you do to film.

He said you are healing well.

Yes, I am.

And there was no charge for the post-surgery check-up.

He is a world-class surgeon who worries more about the quality of his surgery than the quantity of his money.

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