The Greatest Memorial — March 25, 2015


We received a text.

Elder and Sister Hall, did you hear about Sister Keller?

Sister Keller was a senior missionary assigned to the Self Reliance Center in Cebu. President Schmutz fondly called Sister Keller and her companion “the tennis-shoe sisters.” They were notable for their shoes and smiles, and for their adventurous spirits as they explored the city on foot during their off times.

We were privileged to have the sisters come to Toledo to give Self-Reliance Training. Sister Keller had retired from a long and successful career teaching children and adults with disabilities, and then had chosen to serve a mission.  She and her companion cheerfully and patiently helped many, many people. They finished their missions in January.

When we were in the mission office a while back, the office missionary handed us a paper from the copy machine.

Sister Keller sent an e mail. I thought you would like a copy.

We read the title of the e mail.

Sister Keller’s Latest Adventure

Upon my return from the Philippines, I had some health issues that indicated that I would need to have my gall bladder removed. Unfortunately, following rather lengthy additional testing, on Monday, February 16, 2015, it was confirmed that I have stage 4 gall bladder cancer, incurable. I know that nothing is incurable to the Lord, but I feel that at this time He has called me to at least prepare for this challenge. Please feel free to share this with others, especially our beloved “ward family” in the Philippines.

In the Philippines I learned an increase of love, faith, and service. I am so grateful that the Lord gave me the gift of the Philippines to prepare me for the challenge of cancer.

I have learned some important things from cancer already. First and most importantly, is that the Lord through the grace of His Atonement, eagerly waits for us to ask so that He may help us carry our burdens. Second, there is pain in this world that is beyond our comprehension- and He has willingly taken it upon Himself for each of us individually. But pain, no matter how severe, is finite- it has a beginning and an end and can be measured. Love, on the other hand, is infinite- beyond measure and lasts forever. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ can help us get through any kind of pain to a place of love and peace.

I have been promised some space and time in which “to accomplish all the Lord’s purposes” for me, so please remember that while I have limited time and energy at present, I have much love for each or you. Remember also that while the Lord wants us to be prepared and the world wants us to be afraid, death is really only a door to a new and better life.

Know also, that I consider the love and service that I have shared with each of you the greatest memorial I shall have to place upon the altar of His love when I pass through.

(Sister) Cheryl Keller

The text indicated that Sister Keller had “passed through” on March 18, 2015.

Thank you, Sister Keller, for sharing your “greatest memorial” with us. We are so glad that you took “the gift of the Philippines” that the Lord offered to you before it was too late. What an inspiring finale to a life well-lived!

You have gone through the “door to a new and better life” crowned with the love of multitudes of people who have been touched by your service.

We love you. We are looking forward to meeting you again.


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