Guard dog — March 30, 2015









The dog started barking in the back yard. Elder Hall got up to tell the dog to be quiet. Missionaries are not supposed to have pets. The dog is not a pet. It is a guard dog. A member brought him to live in our yard to discourage unauthorized entry.

The dog started barking again. Elder Hall got up again to tell it to be quiet.

When it started barking the third time, Elder Hall went outside.

Sister Hall, bring the flashlight! Shine it under that rock by the wash shed.

I see claws

Elder Hall started poking a stick into the hole under the rock. He tried to get the thing to grab the stick with its claws. No luck.

Finally he dragged it out with his stick.

Have you got something we can put this in?

I brought out an empty Kirkland mixed-nuts jar. Elder Hall carefully put the crab into the jar. It filled the jar. Since we live so close to the ocean, we often see crabs crossing the highway. Apparently they like our yard, too.

Take a picture. Be sure to get its eyes in the picture.

Then Elder Hall shook it out of the jar onto the floor.

Do we have some string?

Elder Hall led the crab around the room, then draped it over the back of a chair.

What are you going to do with it?

I guess I’ll put him outside the gate.

Elder Hall carried the crab down to the gate, released the string, and carefully slid it under the gate. The dog supervised.

Elder Hall came back into the house and left the dog to guard the gate.

He did his job well. The crab has not returned.

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