Errands –September 10

Ocean on the way to Balaman On the way to Aloguinsan Two people on back of motor bike; inside is full

Yesterday when we came back from the District meeting, we stopped at a place just around the corner which sells bottled water. John went in to arrange to have some water delivered to us. He came out shaking his head.

Don’t tell me that everyone here speaks English!

There were two men in the store and neither seemed to be able to understand English, or at least, Idaho English.

We decided that our first goal for the day was to get our water supple arranged. We spent most of the morning studying Bisaya to figure out how to purchase water and arrange for regular delivery. I carefully wrote down the sentences that we had created, we had morning prayers, and set off for an adventure. When we got to the gate, there was a water delivery truck parked just around the corner. We talked to the two men with the truck (who spoke English well) and we now have a water supply.

We then set off to explore the area to the north of Toledo, and took some more pictures. When we came back, we had not heard from the internet people, so we went to the store. We were told that our house was “too hard to find” and so the technician had not yet come. Elder Hall drew a great map showing our location and it was promised that a technician would come after lunch.

Soon two men came up our drive. They looked things over, filled out some papers, quoted us a price, and told us we would have to go into the store to pay the required deposit. We asked for wireless service, which they said that they did not have. We would need to go to a store to buy a wireless modem—or we could talk to a co-worker who would sell us one.

We went back to the internet store, paid our money, and talked to the co-worker. He said that after the technician came and installed the internet tomorrow, we should call him and he would come to put in the WiFi.

While we were waiting for tomorrow, we went to buy a fly swatter. After two floors and three departments, we found one. We also got some ant spray.

Elder Dover told us of talking to a Philippino sister about ants. She said,

You don’t like ants?

No! Do you?


She paused to choose her words. Then she finished.


Elder and Sister Dover have gone to Manila. There is some kind of new regulation that any foreigner who has been in the Philippines more than six months must go to Manila to be fingerprinted and to get an exit certificate. They should have come back to Toledo tonight. They will go home to the States on the seventeenth.

We think most of our errands are now done so that we can get back to our real work, or at least will be when the internet is working. If you hear from us, you will know that the system really worked. If not, then the Lord is still taking care of us—and of all of you.






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