Sisters — January 11, 2015

Interesting shape

One of many beautiful January flowers

The color on the Poinsetta  bush lasts year round

The color on the Poinsetta bush lasts year round

Huge trumpet like flowerrs

Huge trumpet like flowers

Looks like small flamingos dancing among the leaves

Looks like small flamingos dancing among the leaves

Very common flower

Very common flower called Canna in US

Called saging-saging (banana banana) because of the large leaves

Called saging-saging (banana banana) here because of the large leaves

The next time we go to Casoy, the sister missionaries want to go with us. Is that alright, Elder Hall?

Sure. That is a great idea.

The elders looked anxious.

We asked you because if the sisters go, we will need to ride in your truck. It is too hard in the jeepney, because we usually have to ride on the top.

When we arrived at the meeting place, we walked up a small hill. A older woman was washing dishes on the bench outside her house. She has not wanted to listen to the missionaries in the past.

Nanay, these are the sister missionaries.

She looked up and gave a small smile. The sisters immediately offered to help and plunged their hands into the dish pan to begin rinsing dishes. They chatted with the woman and her smile grew. After they finished, the woman picked up her small granddaughter. The sisters exclaimed over the baby. The woman’s whole face seemed to smile. Then one of the sisters popped the question.

Will you come to the church meeting with us today?

The woman paused briefly; then her smile returned.

Let me go change my clothes.

We met the elders as we walked to the building where the meeting would be held.

Sister C will be coming to the meeting today.

No kidding! She has not come before.

The sisters asked her and she said yes.

We entered the room where the meeting would be held and the sisters began an animated conservation with some of the members. One of the sisters turned to explain.

We are talking about a couple that we are teaching in Toledo. The couple had visited a number of churches. When they came to our church, they felt something different and wanted to know more. Then they saw some families from Casoy, who are their relatives. They were so excited to have nieces and nephews in this church.

The brother has so many questions. I finally had to take his hand in mine and say,

Brother, wait sa! Let us have a turn to to teach. Then we will answer your questions

They will be baptized in February.

The sister laughed joyfully as she finished her story, and then turned to the front as the meeting began.

After the meeting, Elder Hall talked to Sister C. He turned to the sister missionaries.

This good woman is the mother of twelve children.

The woman responded and a missionary translated.

She says that she is the mother of fourteen children. Two have died.

Elder Hall smiled and responded,

Sister, you are a diligent woman!

Her brown eyes snapped and her face crinkled into a mischievous smile as she answered.

No, it is my husband who was diligent.


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